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for you.

The opportunity to create beautiful memories

And just like that you’re engaged! Something that has always been a future thought is now happening. You’re floating, your heart is full and you’re excited. I completely understand this amazing feeling and I’d love to help you keep it.

Creating a wedding can be daunting, a series of decisions to be made that will ultimately shape your wedding day. A day filled with so much love and thought that it can not be recreated, it’s a special day that happens only once and it should be a

reflection of you both. It should leave you weak at the knees and make your heart flutter when you remember it, a day drenched in golden light and love.

The prettiest of days.

I’m here to help you navigate the line between dream and reality, the beauty and the budget. Focusing on the elements that are important to you both and leaving those that are not necessary. Forget what others do, this is your day and you make the rules.

You can be as involved as much as you like or I’m happy for you to hand over the designing and I can create something just for you. I promise it will be beautiful.

Ultimately I would love to look after everything for you (styling, flowers and stationery) to ensure that the look and feel of your day is cohesive and flows seamlessly together. This also means one supplier to correspond with and saving you on costs like delivery, hire etc. We have all of our own styling stock, furniture and lighting so that we can draw from this amazing stock for your event and save you from external hire and delivery fees. This way you have one point of contact and we can control the vision to make sure that everything works perfectly together.

Bringing together a vision is no easy task however I have the experience and team to be able to set up a dream setting in the few hours your venue allows and of course packing it all back up after the magic.

Most importantly I will be here for you making sure everything possible is done to create the most beautiful wedding for you.

x love Her

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